Friday, August 7, 2015

Random Five

1. Whewwwww, the Republican Debate! Fun! Oh, Donald Trump. My goodness ... made me laugh!

2. For the past couple of weeks I have eaten horrible and by Monday of this week my stomach was feeling pretty blech! I found a Citrus Detox drink that looked promising to me and picked up the ingredients mid-week. It includes fresh-squeezed lemon, lime, and orange juice, turmeric powder, and fresh ginger root. I put all these ingredients in my Ninja and gave it a quick blend with some ice. Although a glass of it plain tasted very refreshing, I decided I liked it better with one packet of Stevia in the Raw. It is really delicious! I read up on the anti-inflammatory, antioxident-rich, health boosting and cleansing effects of these ingredients. I plan to drink between one and two glasses of this a day.

3. On the same note, I have done really well this week with my diet (and by that I mean, nutrition). I went back to what I know and that is tracking all of my foods on MyFitnessPal. I made sure I stayed under my calorie, carb, and fat goals and ate healthy protein at every meal. Sure I would love to sit and eat Oreos dunked in milk every day. But, it makes me feel bad and it makes me gain weight. So, instead, I hope to continue to make those healthy food choices to take care of my body.

4. As of today the kids and I are now on the last part of an official summer break, putting away our worksheets and formal lessons until August 31st. (Oh, and we finished the last book in the Little House on the Prairie series yesterday, and I may be grieving just a bit.) We have a lot going on between now and then, and we will be reading everyday because reading rocks. But otherwise we will be staying up late, sleeping in, and doing exactly what we want to do.

5. My baby girl turns 10 years old tomorrow. 10 YEARS OLD! How on earth has so much time gone by so quickly?? She has a very fun weekend ahead ... a family fish fry on Saturday night and then an all-night video game party on Sunday night with Dawson and three of his friends, playing her new Xbox One she is getting for her birthday. (For the record, it is a like-new used one we bought from a friend and she paid for half of it with birthday and Christmas money she still had saved from last year.) She may be a small girl, but her true best buds are some 18 year old precious, kind, and respectful boys who would do anything to protect her, and who share her love of gaming. They'll all be hooked up to their systems and televisions circled around our dining room table with headsets on munching on cheese balls, Pringles, and drinking copious amounts of Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew. She is a lucky and much-loved girl.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your girlie. 10 is a big deal. Sounds like it'll be a life long memory for her, too.


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