Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today ... Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Outside my window ... is another sunshiney day. Thankfully the temps are in the high 80s right now.

I am thinking ... about how much better I feel when I do things the right way, you know eating right, drinking lots of water, exercising, reading my Bible, getting my housework done, taking an afternoon power nap.

I am thankful ... for the weekend we had together as a family. Rick got to come home a day early so we were able to just hang out on Friday. On Saturday my family treated me to a fabulously fun birthday. And on Sunday my MIL and FIL came for a visit and for dinner. It was a family weekend, and I loved it.

I am wearing ... a hot pink "Gotta Run" tank, running shorts, Brooks tennis shoes.

I am creating ... our school days and breaks schedule for the new school year to make sure we get in all of our hours while still getting that much-needed time off.

I am going ... to shut my computer and go for a run. I have got to stay on track so that I do not die at the Wipeout 5K at the end of this month.

I am wondering ... what I need to buy to get rid of the camel crickets in our basement. I don't want to start having mice, which camel crickets attract.

I am reading ... Alice I have Been by Melanie Benjamin.

I am hoping ... for cooler weather so I feel more motivated to get out and run. I hate when it is stifling hot!

I am learning ... to look around me throughout the day and enjoy what I have, and to smile about it. (I'm not a big smiler.)

In my garden ... is a place I don't want to go. I need to do some major de-weeding, so hoping for some cooler temps so I can get out there and get it done.

In my kitchen ... is a new lamp my mom got me for my birthday.

In the homeschool room ... I actually heard Eli say the words "like" and "grammar" in the same sentence. Now, he was saying he likes grammar more than math, but at least he didn't say he hates both! They are both reading books they enjoy so they both have been all smiles when it's time to read.

A favorite quote for today ...

Photo Credit

A peek into one of my days ... 

I love this photo Kyndal captured of Rick having a huddle
with the kids before his 4 hour drive back to Oklahoma for
the week.

One of my favorite things ... is a new couscous I bought at Aldi. Oh yum!!! Pair it with a tilapia filet and some fresh green beans and you've got yourself a 365 calorie, healthy, yummy dinner!

From the board room ... After eating so much junk and LOTS of sodium this past weekend, I felt horrible on Monday morning! In fact I declared that I would not put anything unhealthy in my body for a couple of days. I really kind of had to make myself eat all day because I just felt yuck! I kept thinking, "Man, I just need to detox!" I did a Pinterest search and found Citrus Reboot and Detox Flush. I didn't have the tumeric powder or fresh ginger root, so am going to swing by the store tomorrow afternoon to pick it up. After a few days of clean eating I think it sounds like it will be a refreshing treat and just what I need!

Post Script ... Summer Break or the Intrinsic Value of Boredom. This is a good article about the value of taking a summer break. While preparing our yearly schedule, I have been pondering the breaks that we take from our schooling. By breaks I mean those times that we step away from the dining room table lessons and put away our clipboards. To many it might look like we are always taking breaks. And, I guess, we are to a certain extent. But we school year round. We do this so that we can take an extended break in May, another one in August, a shorter one in the Fall, a long Christmas break, and an extended Spring Break. We need the time away from our "lessons". But, during these times SO MUCH IS BEING LEARNED! Boredom creates opportunities for creative play, for learning to cook, for resting our brains! It gives us more time for exercise (swimming, sports, riding bikes, tossing a frisbee). It gives us time to build relationships and really enjoy each other without the stress of finishing a math worksheet. Don't think for a moment that we aren't learning most of the hours of the day on our breaks. We're just learning by real life. And, yes, sometimes we are bored. And that's really nice.

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