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Wednesday Hodgepodge

When was the last time you relocated? Did you move yourself or leave it to the professionals? Are you happy staying put or is there a move in your future? Best thing about moving to a new city or town? Least favorite and/or hardest thing about moving house?

In August of 2012 we moved from Oklahoma back to my childhood hometown here in Missouri (in fact, it was three years ago this week). We had a professional move us ... his name is Rick Taulman. Ha! Rick knows how to move! I have learned in my life to never assume that where we are is where we will always be. But, I do hope that we will keep this house forever as our base home. I want to always be able to come back here even if we are out and about. What do I mean by this? I would like to have a few places were we can go, but always be able to come back here. My dream is to have a pull-behind camper that we can use to travel and stay wherever we want (a nice one that feels like a home) ... a few weeks in the summer in Colorado, a few weeks in the winter in Florida, a few weeks in the mountains of Tennessee or Kentucky, a few weeks on the East coast or up North in the Dakotas. I want to be able to live all over the United States but have this home to come back to as often and for as long as we want. I really hope that we are moving in that direction. Moving back here was not to a new city because it was where I grew up. But I can say that moving back here was the most comforting place I have ever moved. I felt like I was coming back to the nest. In 2001, when we moved to Oklahoma, it was exciting for me. I love going to a new place! It was an adventure when we initially moved. Each time we move, however, I say this is the last time and if we ever move again we are either selling everything we own and starting over or hiring someone to move us. Neither of those things ever happen, though. We just take all our junk with us from place to place.

When were you last 'moved to tears'? Explain.

I watched a little clip of a video one day of a dog laying on the grave of his owner actually moaning with grief. Oh my gosh it killed me! Made me sick to my stomach, actually! I just can't imagine the fear and loss of a dog when his or her owner dies.

Do you have rules about eating in the car ... any forbidden foods? What's the last thing you consumed in your car? Your go-to car snack when traveling long distance?

The 'Burb will be owned by us for 10 years in November. So, no, I don't really get too worked up about eating in her. The last thing I ate in the car was a chicken sandwich from Wendy's. My favorite traveling snack food is corn nuts.

Share a favorite song relating to cars and/or driving.

Cruise by Florida Georgia Line.

What's your most frequently visited drive-thru ... Starbucks? the bank? the pharmacy? some other window?

Definitely the drive-thru at the bank. And I love having a small town bank because the tellers know me by name, know what I like, don't have to have an actual deposit slip with my account number on it because they can just automatically pull up my account on the computer when I drive up because they know me. We have actual conversations about my grocery trip I am going on because she (Kimberly) knows that's what I am doing on those Fridays I drive through.

"He who hesitates is lost." Would you agree? When it comes to making decisions do you generally act quickly or do you more often than not fall into the 'lost' category?

I don't necessarily agree with that. He who hesitates is wise! There is nothing wrong with pondering and praying about a decision. I am one who pretty much follows my gut reaction and makes decisions quickly and easily. But there are times that I wish I would have taken a little more time to consider my decision before making it.

When was the last time you got lost? Was it stressful or an unexpected happy adventure?

Getting lost is a regular part of my traveling routine. But with my iPhone I can find my way out of my predicaments so I am not too stressed about it.

Insert your own random thought here.

I bought 4 Christmas gifts and a birthday gift (for a birthday later in the year) today. It feels good to have some of my Christmas shopping done already! That, in addition to some post-Christmas deals I snagged last winter, has me with a pretty good jump on things. Yay!!


  1. I've purchased a couple of Christmas gifts too. Hoping I can keep track of them as we move about : ) I like the traveling idea. It woud have to be a really nice camper though!

  2. I love our small town bank also. I don't have to have an account number either, they just pull up my account. Small towns may have its downside of everyone knows your business or lack of larger shopping facilities, but I wouldn't change our location at all! I will happily drive a bit (30 minutes without stop lights) to get to those bigger stores. Many of our towns here have one stop light. My two closest towns don't even have stop lights. Just a stop sign!

  3. I like your idea of having a home base but being able to travel around. We've been in the same place for years and the thought of sorting everything out to move fills me with dread. Christmas presents? In August? You're way too organised lol


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