Friday, August 14, 2015

Random 5

1. Yesterday Kyndal got her wisdom teeth extracted. She had access to her phone in the back seat on the way home and posted some very interesting Instagram and Snapchat posts. Oh my! They were hilarious! Today she's not feeling so good. My poor baby.

2. Tonight is Brynne's birthday party. She is having a swimming party at our city pool and is very excited!!

3. I am pretty sure Eli has not gotten out of his pajamas this week. Well, he has showered and put on new ones, but has pretty much worn them all day every day. That's real summer break for ya!

4. Today Dawson and I are going back to the financial aid office for more paperwork that we thought we had already gotten done. Truly, it is so annoying, especially since the kid is not entitled to any financial aid. Maddening!

5. Our public schools started back yesterday. I AM SO GLAD WE HOMESCHOOL!!!

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