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Stick Man by Julia Donaldson {Virtual Book Club for Kids}

When I think of Julia Donaldson, I think of The Gruffalo. That is her most famous book, in my opinion. But for our March Virtual Book Club for Kids selection by Julia Donaldson, I wanted to try something new. We chose Stick Man.

Stick Man lives in the family tree
With his Stick Lady love and their stick children three.

But one day, Stick man is carried off by a mischievous dog who wants to play fetch! Things go from bad to worse as Stick Man is carried farther and farther away from home. Lonely and lost, Stick Man desperately wants to get home to be with his family for Christmas.

We did several fun activities to go along with this book. First, we played a virtual game of Pooh Sticks on the Disney Junior website. In the real game you go to a bridge with a creek running under it. Each person throws in a stick at the same time, on one side, and then runs to the other side to see whose stick makes it through first. This game originated in the Winnie the Pooh books, thus, "Pooh Sticks". The kids played it several times trying to beat each other's scores.

For a writing and art assignment, each of the kids chose another adventure for poor Stick Man. Brynne's story was that she found Stick Man to use as a knitting needle to knit a hat. Eli's story was that he found Stick Man to use as a knife to cut off some bark from a tree in a scavenger hunt he was doing.

We watched a couple of Youtube videos of scenes from "Stick Man - Live on Stage".

For math, the kids each went outside and chose five sticks. Then they came inside and measured them with a ruler.

Many other activities can be found at Teaching Ideas.

April's author is David Shannon. Oh my, there are so many books from which to choose!!!

I am also linking up at Read Aloud Thursday at Hope is the Word.


  1. What a fun story! TIs one is a new one for me. Love all your activities, too!


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