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Random 5

1. Life is nuts for us right now with preparing for Dawson's high school graduation and Kyndal's upcoming wedding. Both events are within one week of each other in May. It's crazy!

Where did my babies go??

2. Dawson and I were looking at photos from about 5 years ago, preparing for his senior events. He mentioned (oh so sweetly and with pure love and devotion) that I looked so "young, skinny, and pretty". He is right. I did. It occurred to me that the stress of the last few years has really taken its toll on me physically! I realize that I look as old as I feel. And I feel old. Well, enough of that! I've got two months before we go on a tropical vacation. When I look at those photos I am going to see a "young, skinny, and pretty" me again!! It's time to feel young again.

Okay, honey, I admit ... longer blonder hair makes me look younger.

3. The weather the next week is going to be beautiful!!! I cannot wait to get outside and feel some sunshine!!

4. Brynne plays her last basketball games of the season this Saturday. We'll get a couple week break and then will launch right into softball season. She is also attending an after-school class on Tuesdays and Thursdays to prepare for a 5K she will run in May. I am so proud of her activity level and commitment to sports that she loves. I hope she always keeps that desire to be physically fit.

5. I am so thankful for my husband. Although he's been Kyndal's dad for the better part of her life, she is not his biological daughter. They have had their struggles. Oh my goodness, have they! But he has never wavered in his commitment to take care of her. He has supported all of her decisions in moving into adulthood ... helping her and Collin buy their first house, emotionally supporting their decision to get married, and now making sure she has the wedding of her dreams. When she made the decision to change her plans and have a family ceremony and then a destination commitment ceremony in Mexico two months before her already-scheduled wedding, he worked tirelessly to make sure we had the funds to make that happen. I am not sure if she will ever get what sacrifices he has made for her all of her life. But I hope that she will always know that he is here for her. I couldn't have taken care of her or given her this start on her adult life without him. I am forever grateful for his love for us.


  1. Girl! You are beautiful. I hope you know it and feel it. You have such a beautiful family and the way you love them just makes you shine. I'm also in this "I look so much older" phase, but .. as my Grandmother-in-law used to tell me, "Getting older is so much better than the alternative". ;)

  2. You are beautiful! I'm sure you're going to be glowing on vacation. XOXO
    Your weather forecast for the week is perfect. We're in the low 50's, and it feels amazing after our long, frigid winter!


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