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Random 5

Welcome to another week's edition of my Random 5. You can link up with Miranda at The Pebble Pond if you want to join in. What random things are going on in our world?

1. Dawson interviewed for and received an offer to be a lifeguard at our city pool this summer. After he completes his certification he will be good to go. Kyndal and I were also going to try to work there, but the city has an old (stupid) rule that no two or more family members can be employed by the city at the same time. Isn't that ridiculous? For part-time minimum wage swimming pool lifeguards? This is particularly annoying when our City Manager has been "dating" a member of the city council for in excess of 15 years. Because they don't physically live together they get around the rule. Politics. Dumb.

2. Spring, spring, spring ... oh how I love you! It has been a glorious week here in West Central Missouri. The temps have been in the high 60's most of the week with amazing sunshine. It has been incredibly hard for me to stay focused to teach the kids when all I want to do is sit on my porch swing and listen to the birds sing. So we have taken some of our schoolwork outside. This kind of weather also makes me want to exercise constantly. Anything to be outside!!

3. Speaking of exercising, I am running again. About a year and a half ago I slipped and fell while going out to run and tore a ligament in my knee. I hobbled around for several months, barely able to walk. But after a good amount of healing I am now able to actually run without pain or aggravation. Dawson, Taylar and I have been running three days a week training for a 5K we want to run with Brynne in May as part of her Girls on the Run program. Man, it has felt so good to get back out there! And I am stronger than ever.

4. Next week we will be on Spring Break. On Thursday we are going to go to Oklahoma to spend the weekend with Rick instead of him coming home for the weekend. We will also get to spend some time with our best friends from Oklahoma, actually going on a field trip with them. The rest of the weekend will be spent hanging out with Rick's family. I am really looking forward to a weekend away with no responsibilities. We will play games, have meals together, go bowling, and just enjoy family. It's going to be fun!

5. I broke down and made Eli an appointment with a speech therapist. He has always received therapy, until we moved here. His stuttering seemed better for a while with the techniques that we know, but lately it has gradually gotten worse. He has an evaluation in June and then we will be doing consistent therapy. He broke my heart one day when we were talking about Heaven and things we would do there and talk to God about. He said, "When I am in Heaven I won't stutter anymore."


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