Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homeschooling Eve

School starts tomorrow.

Three of my four children will be venturing back to public school. Kyndal will be a sophomore. She is very excited to get back to school, mostly so she can see her friends on a regular basis. But, she's ready! She's even read most of her first book. Eli and Brynne will be in the first grade and kindergarten, right across the hall from each other. We went today and met their teachers. They weren't wanting to start school until they stepped into it and felt the excitement. Now they can't wait! It's so exciting!

But just as exciting is the first day of school here at home. Dawson and I will be breaking in our new school room and curriculum. I've planned for the first two weeks only, to see how our timing will work out.

He seems to be very at ease today. In years past he has always been so keyed up about the first day of school. He hasn't said it, but I think he is relieved he isn't going to the public school tomorrow. I know I am relieved.

I am excited about tomorrow ... and scared. But, I'm mostly excited!

I've got everything ready for us.


  1. Enjoy the journey, I homeschooled my oldest daughter for primary school and it made such a difference in both our lives.
    I admit I spent more than my fair share of time doing midnight google searches- who ever knew there was such a thing as a "personal possessive pronoun"- nope not me!!

  2. Looking forward to hearing how these next two weeks go. :) I know you two will do just great!

  3. How exciting! Even if Dawson doesn't say it yet, you have shown him you will do what it takes to help him and how much you care. You will do great!


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