Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Si Senorita!

In the 6th grade Dawson took Spanish from a teacher he absolutely loved! He loved her personality and her style and he retained a lot from her class.

Since Dawson has a continued interest in the Spanish language, I immediately turned to Senorita Johnston for help. Not knowing anything about Spanish, I didn't want to spend a ton on a curriculum that might or might not be a good fit. And, I knew that Dawson loved her teaching style.

Senorita Johnston was so sweet and helpful! She recommended some curriculums I could purchase and then told me that she would be more than willing to loan us some materials.

Last Friday we picked up those materials.

They included a textbook (that she would like to have back at the end of the year), two workbooks that we can use and keep, and a VHS tape (the first of many in a series) and its' companion booklet. She said when we are done with this tape to return it for the next one. She even threw in a piece of candy for Dawson. How sweet is she?

She also told us that she is trying to set up a Facebook Group to notify her students (including Dawson) of upcoming cultural events, field trips, etc.

The one thing she said, though, that really impressed me was this: She told me that she would give us passwords to school district websites if she could. She said, "You still pay taxes to fund these schools. You're just doing the homeschooling thing. You should get to utilize the materials."

Don't we wish the whole district would be that helpful?

I looked at the material {briefly} and am certain I am over my head. The textbook is in Spanish for goodness sake! But, we are going to give it a go and see where we end up. She said that a lot of the material would be a review for him anyway. So hopefully he knows enough to get himself through the textbook and not require much from me.

Thank you Senorita Johnston.

I even told Dawson that I would like for him to start calling me Senorita Mom. It just has a good ring to it.

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