Saturday, August 21, 2010

Record Keeping

There is always the possibility that Dawson will re-enter public school at some point in his future. Even if he doesn't, and we decide to homeschool him through high school, record keeping is a necessity! This is especially true if he decides to go to college.

Although Oklahoma does not have any specific homeschooling laws that we must follow, record keeping is still a good idea for many reasons.

I want to be able to show what we have done and to track Dawson's actual progress with his school work.

We are, in fact, running our homeschool like a "school". It's just a school that caters to its student's strengths and areas of interest. But at the same time it is a school that is preparing him for further education outside of our home, either in high school or college.

I desired to keep an actual grade book of his assignments and assign values to his work. But I really didn't want to manually do it in an old-time grade book.

I found the coolest FREE website called Engrade that allows you to record your assignments and grades. It produces reports, calendars of assignments, grade cards and many other things at the touch of a button.

And, it's very user friendly. And, did I mention that it's FREE!

I just entered all of Dawson's assignments from the first three days of homeschool. It took me about 15 minutes and I have everything organized and in one place. Now I can see tangible progress whenever I need it. And, should Dawson decide to seek education outside of our home in the future, all I will have to do is print the reports to show that he has learned {probably more} than the kids in his "grade".

Check it out here if you would like!

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  1. that is a great tool. our neighbor that homeschools pays to have her 2 sons tested each year at a testing site so she knows she is doing a good jub, they are learning and what they need to work on. she says that is the best thing for her peace of mind and theirs. just a thought


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