Monday, August 23, 2010

Out of Egypt ~ More Philbrook Museum

On Thursday night we went back to Philbrook Museum to hear Dr. Kara Cooney, a famous Egyptologist, speak. She had a series on The Discovery Channel in 2009 called "Out of Egypt". She spoke primarily about the 21st Dynastic mummies, and it was very interesting.

Before she spoke we had the opportunity to make amulets. Amulets were buried under the clothing of the dead before they were mummified.

Dawson chose to make a Scarab which symbolizes rebirth.

I made an Eye of Horus which symbolizes protection.

And then he made an eyeball which symbolizes nothing, but reminded him of the regeneration of the mummy in the movie, The Mummy. So he made it.

Then we went on a scavenger hunt of the To Live Forever exhibit. We found every item on the list, and some were hard! We had a good time doing it! We had gone to the exhibit previously, but the scavenger hunt made us dig deeper into the exhibit and made it more exciting.

That day Dawson had drawn a map of Egypt, labeling the geographical features, waterways and major cities and other important locations. We were really glad he did it because it gave some geographical perspective to what we were looking at.

Dawson is really enjoying our study of Ancient Egypt and said he wishes we could study it all year.

Not bad for Day 2.

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