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"This Week in Review" Thursday

What have we done this week? So much!!!

We are continuing our studies of Ancient Egypt and the desert based on our reading in Genesis about the story of Joseph.

Doing lots of art and projects is very important to Dawson.

This week he made a tomb painting, using this idea from Samantha at To Be Busy at Home (thanks a million, Samantha, for the great idea!) His tomb painting depicts the things in his life that are important: his dog Crusoe, his girlfriend Tess (her picture is turned on it's side on the bottom), him riding his skateboard, and the symbol of "life".

First he laid a piece of paper on the tile on our kitchen table and rubbed it with crayon to get a textured look.

Next he free-handed pictures onto construction paper depicting things in his life that are important to him.

Then he laid the cutouts under his textured paper and did crayon rubbings of them.

He also finished his diorama of the desert and Nile river. It flooded and ran onto the banks. That's why the grass has grown along side it. (Okay, so we cheated. I didn't want to buy a whole bag of grass seed, so we just "planted" grass instead of growing our own.)

We participated in our first Sketch Tuesday and created sketches of something living in the zoo.

Obviously, I took the instructions literally.

Dawson asked if he could make his using Personification ~ giving human characteristics to everyday ideas, objects and animals. I told him it was his sketch and he could do what he wanted. And this was the result.

We watched a documentary called Modern Marvels about the theories on how the pyramids were built.

Dawson did his first cooking ever! He made Date and Fig Bread. And it was delicious! I have never had a bread of mine come out so perfect! He might be a natural baker. We took some up to our elementary school secretaries to enjoy while we volunteered there today.

The chef hat gave the bread a little something extra!

(He gave up hand-chopping and used the electric one instead.)

All good chefs take a little taste!

This shot shows the flour on his jeans. Again, signs of a good chef!

While the bread was cooking we watched a Bill Nye, The Science Guy dvd on Deserts.

Dawson did his regular Pre-Algebra assignments, took his first spelling test, took more notes in Social Studies and Science, continued to work on writing assignments based on The Elements of Literature, read more of The Capture, memorized Psalm 24:1-2 and started working on verses 3-4. He also volunteered at our elementary school this afternoon.

It was a busy week! I saw Dawson having a desire to do more independent work, which was nice.

Week two was a great week!


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