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Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Dawson Says {An interview with the student}

This is Dawson. He is 13 years old and getting ready to start the 8th grade. You can go here to read about why I decided it was best to bring Dawson home for school this year. Although I have remained steadfast in my decision, Dawson has gone back and forth in his. I think this is natural. I thought the best way for you to get to know Dawson was to hear directly from him.

As you will see, he is caught somewhere between hoping that this school year at home will be different than what he has experienced in public school, and fear that it won't be.

Here is my interview with my newest student:

What are your interests?
My dog Crusoe, skatingboarding, cars, shooting air soft guns and playing video games.
{I also see his interests including lots of art and music.)

What are your greatest strengths in being a student?
Experiments and projects.
{By his individual grades in public school, this is completely true. He would get straights A's on these things and much lower grades on daily work.}

What are your biggest weaknesses in being a student?
Not getting along with my teachers. Organization.
{Organization is something we will really be working on this year. I know a full year of hands-on help will make a huge difference in his future!}

What do you think you want to do with your future?
Join the army and then go to college.
{He has expressed an interest in teaching special education children, with an emphasis in Spanish speaking kids. He wants to use lots of art in his work with them.}

What made you initially decide that you wanted to be homeschooled?
My grades started getting bad and I couldn't concentrate in school.
{His grades weren't bad as long as I was able to stay on top of everything he did. That became increasingly more difficult.}

What did you like most about public school?
All the other kids.
{Might be why he has trouble concentrating.}

What was the hardest part of public school for you?

All of the different teachers. None of the teachers were good teachers.
{My view point would be "indifferent" teachers.}

What qualities do you think make a good teacher?
One who is funny and in a good mood, who doesn't give tons of homework and who is PATIENT.
{His biggest factor was PATIENCE! .. and that happens to be my most difficult character trait. We both have our work cut out for us}

What will you miss most about public school?
My girlfriend.
{This is his first year to have a real girlfriend. I know this part will be difficult for him.}

What won't you miss about public school?
{Hmmmm ... technically won't he have all homework this year? I think he means doing work in the evenings after he has spent a whole day doing work at school.}

What are you most looking forward to about homeschooling?
All of the field trips we will get to go on.
{I hope to get him out and about as often as I can find activities that will correspond with our units.}

What are you least looking forward to about homeschooling?
I am unsure how hard it's going to be and I don't know what to expect.
{Yeah, me neither.}

What is your biggest fear about homeschooling?
That homeschooling will be worse than public school.
{Then he will feel such defeat and hopelessness. That's a lot of responsibility for me.}

What subjects are you most interested in learning about?
Art. Doing experiments in science instead of just reading out of the book.
{Hands on .. hands on .. hands on !!!}

What are you most hoping to gain from being homeschooled?
Being smarter.
{I think he means just being better "at doing school." He is extremely smart already!}

Do you have any fears about learning from your mom?
A couple. That she will get mad at me and stressed out.
{My hope is that he will increase his expectations of himself and that I will decrease my expectations of him. Cutting each other a little slack will go a long way!}

What about homeschooling do you think you will have the hardest time with?
Concentrating at home and it will be weird learning at my house, getting used to being at home all the time.
{Actually, I think he will love this part.}

What are your general thoughts about the next year of homeschooling?
I am nervous.
{So am I, buddy. So am I.}

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  1. I bet you will all do well. Too bad you live so far away; my 13-year-old homeschool boy would love an airsoft partner!

  2. What a great interview! I think it'll be a good year for you both.

  3. I love the interview. You'll have to do another one at the end of the year. I'm praying that this year will be everything that you want it to be.

  4. So glad to see you here on the Weekly Wrap-Up! This is Samantha and my daughter is 13 as well. I think as long as you and your son keep the conversational door open between the two of you as you both adjust this year, you will both be fine. I also firmly believe that as long as your son has opportunities to be with other teens (friends he already has or new friends) that he won't miss the school part of school at all! I know my daughter is so glad that she doesn't have to come home to a mountain of homework after swim team every evening like the rest of the swim team.

    None of us feel we are as patient as we should be. I strongly believe, though, that patience is best built in the trenches. I would just try really hard not to be hard on yourself. Give yourself time to adjust - it's OK. He'll learn tons ON HIS OWN.

    Blessings as you continue on this journey. I'll look forward to hearing more in the weeks ahead!


  5. What an awesome idea this interview is! It looks like you are off to a great start :)

    May I recommend the book Love and Respect by Emmerson Eggerichs? It's written primarily for the marriage relationship, but I think it has a lot of valuable info that can be applied to a mom relating to a son who is just growing into manhood. It sounds like his struggles with some of the aspects of public school has him doubting his abilities, and as a mom, I'm sure you'll want to help him regain his self-confidence :)

    I think you're honesty with yourself and with each other is going to be a tremendous asset for you :)

  6. I love this post. You seem so insightful and wise. Your son seems to know himself and is warm and loving. I think you will have a fabulous year with this team. We are all here cheering you on.

  7. Congratulations!! I think this will prove to be a fantastic decision for your family. Interviewing him was a great idea. Best of luck!

  8. What a great interview! I will pray that the Lord multiplies blessings on you both as you start this new endeavor! :^)

    And I hope you might peek at my post, #7 on this week's list:

  9. Beautiful post:) Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful year of homeschooling *Ü*

    "Come, you children, listen to me;
    I will teach you the fear of the LORD."
    Psalm 34:11

  10. Great interview. What a handsome young man. I hope you both have a wonderful school year!

  11. What a delightful and inspiring interview. I love the idea of presenting your son this way. I wish you the best this year.

  12. Wow, what a great way to introduce us to him and you. I think its natural to be nervous, but remember---play to his strengths! Lots of projects and field trips. Enjoy yourselves this school year.

  13. Nice interview idea! Thanks for sharing. Many blessings on your year. =))

  14. Really enjoyed reading this post~ hope you both enjoy a terrific school year. My oldest is 8th grade this year, and we have homeschooled from the beginning.

  15. Loved the interview ... what a great idea!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful year!!

  16. I thought that was great,good job mom(teach)He has his head on strait!!!Just remember don't stress out in front of him I made that mistake all the time and I use to compare our schooling to PS.Good Luck this year

  17. He is such a cutie and I have a feeling you will both have a wonderful year. I love reading both of your comments on each question.
    Homeschooling is the best thing I have EVER done.
    Here's to a great 1st year of HSing.

  18. Love the interview! I hope you both have a great, stress free year! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Very cool interview, interesting to see his views vs your views. I know you will have a super year.

  20. We have our own story that involved pulling our son out of school mid-year. Not an easy decision to make. Good luck with are an awesome mommy for fighting for your kid this way. :) God bless.

  21. What a handsome boy! From reading your/his story, you made a great decision. :D Hope you have a blessed school year!


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