Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Dawson Says {Week of August 23rd}

Hey, it's Dawson again, doing my weekly blog post. :( Well some of the things I enjoyed about this week are: I made a diorama of Egypt; I made tomb paintings; and, I just got to free draw one day. You can see pictures/purchase my drawings on my mom's blog. :) I also got to bake fig and date bread. Turns out I'm a really good baker. I'll ask my mother/teacher if she'll post my recipe on her blog. One of the things I'm not enjoying is ALGEBRA!!! I have to do 30 problems of questions I don't always understand! And today I have to go over the 13 problems I missed yesterday plus the 30 I have to do today!!! That's 43 problems!! (at least I know how to add).


PS. My drawings are each $49.95, plus shipping.

** To see mom's perspective on the week and get specifics about projects we completed, go here.


  1. You sound like my daughter with Algebra! Hang in there and it will get easier -- eventually!

    And hurray for being a really good baker!

  2. Your drawings and sketching are so nice. Great job!


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