Saturday, August 2, 2014

First Day ~ My Birthday

We spent the first day of August, my birthday, driving up the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego to San Francisco. What a crazy amazing way to spend any day, let alone a birthday. The views were breathtaking in Big Sur! We had temperature ranges from 111 degrees to 61 degrees in just a couple of hours of driving. And we arrived at our vacation rental late and ready for a good night's sleep!

Our last morning in San Diego

The patio outside our condo in San Diego.

And the view of the bay and dog park just beyond it.

Brynne fell and skinned her knee while getting ice with daddy.

The traffic going through LA. Who in their right mind would live there?

My birthday lunch.

And some backseat snacks.

Crazy amounts of oil derricks.

The miserably hot temps.

And then just a couple of hours later.

The mountain views on one side of PCH were awesome!

And the ocean views near Big Sur were astonishingly beautiful!

With the fog we got to see a real working lighthouse! So cool!

More beautiful Big Sur views.

And a panoramic! Just gorgeous!

My favorite photo from the whole trip!

Brynne touching a cloud in the mountains!! A cool moment!

Oh brrrrr!!!!

And then fog coming into San Francisco.

But a comfy warm bed waiting for us at the apartment.

Good night! It was a long day!

I am linking up with Nicole at Journey to Josie. She was on the road all day on the First Day of August, too.


  1. How wonderful your birthday in on the 1st! Happy birthday! Looks like a lovely trip!

    Visiting from Journey to Josie!

  2. Happy belated birthday! It looks like it was a great day! Praying this is a blessed year for you!

  3. Glad you had fun and survived the heat! Happy belated birthday!

  4. Happy (belated) birthday!! My anniversary is on August 1st so that made for a fun First Day. :-) What a great trip - I love the patio in San Diego and the Big Sur views - gorgeous!


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