Sunday, August 3, 2014

Random 5

I am running a couple of days late on this because we are on vacation and have not had internet access until now. Here is my Random 5 for this week!

1. If I ever just disappear, you might start looking for me in San Francisco. That's probably where I have gone. I love it here.

2. My daughter has secured her post-cosmetology school job! She has confirmed a chair at the newest, hottest salon and spa in our hometown! It's the job she really wanted and she will start there in September. I am so proud of her for going after what she wanted and achieving it. So proud of my Kyndal!

3. Vacation eating is fun, but Brynne and I are ready to get back to our healthy eating and exercise schedule.

4. We watched Sharknado 2: The Second One. It was as horrible as the first one, and I am sure we will watch #3 that comes out in 2015.

5. I gotta go so I can eat a chocolate Pop-tart and drink some milk before I go to bed. Doesn't that sound good? Although #3 is totally true, we still have three days left of vacation!

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