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Random 5

1. Last Sunday through Wednesday we went to my parents' lake house with our best friends from Oklahoma. They are a homeschooling family with two daughters Eli and Brynne's ages. Megan and I are both using Prairie Primer as our spine curriculum this year so we did some brainstorming, shared resources, and discussed possible field trips. When we weren't planning we were watching the kids play board games or swim, reading, and drinking wine. The kids had so much fun with their friends. We miss them desperately! Over the course of the weekend I only took one picture (well, actually 2 but you will read about the other one in a minute). It was such a great weekend that really helped to get us ready to start school today.

2. While sitting on the back deck of the lake house I noticed a wasp fly up into the base of the ceiling fan above the patio table. Thinking there must be a nest up there, I grabbed the Raid and shot up into the base. I blasted the holes that the wasp crawled into and wasps just started falling out dying. I kept spraying and spraying. All total 35 wasps fell out of that hole and died. I am thankful I didn't end up with 35 wasp stings!

3. I mentioned on my blog last week that I have always wanted to order a Mood Designer Fabrics canvas tote like the ones they use on Project Runway. Well my husband read that and immediately ordered me one as a surprise. It came on Saturday. I love it! And could that be anymore thoughtful? Dawson came downstairs and saw it and said, "So you finally got a Mood bag? You've just wanted one of those forever."

4. When we got back from the lake I received a phone call from a local homeschooling mom inviting me and the kids to a weekly art co-op with four other families. I couldn't believe it when she told me that the class was going to a Little House on the Prairie theme! I love when things work out like that. We went for the first time this past Thursday and the kids really enjoyed it! We will be doing drawing and pioneer activities.

5. Eli has always had a real issue with getting his hair cut. When he was a little guy our hairdresser would literally have to cut his hair with his head under my armpit while he cried and cried. We would make his appointment for first thing in the morning so there wasn't a salon full of people. In the past few years a haircut has upset him so bad that he might hyperventilate by the end of it. When Kyndal started doing hair he calmed right down and let her cut his hair without any problems, as long as she did not use the "buzzy things"! She would have to scissor cut his whole head of hair, no matter how short he wanted it. But this week Collin took him to get his hair cut and I received this photo in a text from Collin ...

Kyndal convinced him to cut his hair with the clippers and he was a champ! They were both all smiles when it was over.


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