Friday, August 22, 2014

Students 2014-2015

Our new school year officially starts on Monday, although we have been logging quality hours all summer. So, it's time to meet the students!


This girl only has four weeks left of cosmetology school before she graduates and starts working in the real world. This has been a big year for her as she has gotten engaged, purchased a home, and secured her first job at a salon.

Kyndal and her fiance, Collin


I already posted pictures of Dawson's first day of school. He is a senior this year at our local high school. And he is already ready for the year to be over so he can move on with his future. After school he plans to attend a nearby community college while living at home for free (both living at home and school are free ... because he earned an A+ scholarship for school ... and he gets to live at home for free because he's so darn cute) and major in Construction Technology. He plans to go part-time so that he can work as full-time as possible to save money for a house while going to school.

Dawson and his girlfriend, Taylar


Eli is a 4th/5th grader this year. That means that we will start our year solidifying our 4th grade concepts and will promote to 5th grade in January. Over the summer we took a trip to Legoland in San Diego, California, and the set of the Lego Movie totally inspired him to build his own Bricksburg in our basement. So, at this time, he is obsessed with Legos. We are hoping to start a small Lego club at our house soon. Bowling season starts in October so he will start working toward state tournament. Remember that his team won first in state last year and he won 5th in state in individuals? He has some major goals this year.


Brynne is also a 4th/5th grader. Her current passions include board games and coloring. She is also working hard on her nutrition and exercising, running with me about three days a week and riding bikes. Volleyball season starts on Monday, so she will be consumed with that until .... basketball which will consume her until .... softball ... and so on. She will also be rejoining her state championship bowling team. You could say this one keeps me busy. Brynne loves school so she is ready to get started on our lessons.


My friend's daughter will be joining us for school this year. She will be turning 5 soon and will be doing preschool with us in the mornings. We have plans to work on writing, letter sounds and the alphabet, and hopefully some reading soon. She will also join us in our Prairie Primer activities.

[No picture of Macie, yet. I haven't asked her mom for permission to post photos of her on the blog.]

Crusoe, Chloe, Buck and Quincy

These guys (and gal) will be joining us each day for dog school. Kyndal drops Chloe off each day on her way to school and she will be here while her mommy works. Their current study includes eating treats, barking at every falling leaf outside, terrorizing the mailman, and napping ... lots of napping. Their favorite subject is reading because they all get to pile on the couch with us.

Clockwise: Crusoe, Chloe, Quincy, Buck

Rick and Nicole

We are the principal and teacher. My job is to plan and teach. Rick's job is to support us (emotionally ... yeah, okay, and financially) and be my library courier. I order books from the Tulsa library and he picks them up when he comes home for the weekends and drops them back off when he goes back for work. We are a good team!

And this is us. We are looking forward to a great school year!!


  1. I love that you gave us an update of your kiddos as they go into the new school year! I'm visiting from Weekly Wrapup.

  2. Welcome to another year! All the best for a wonderful one!

  3. Enjoy your school year! I started following your blog when you were homeschooling Dawson. My oldest is a senior, and we are looking forward to the excitement of this year also. Visiting you from Weekly Wrap Up!

  4. Good Luck on a fun year, and Congrats on your older kids! and thanks for not posting a picture till you ask permission from her mom. So many just do it and don't even consider maybe that mom doesn't want her kid(s) all over the net! :) I know this happened to me and it took forever for my sister to get my girls pictures of a public page on facebook!

    Shannon (snapshotsbygidget)

  5. Wow! The years are just flying by, aren't they?

  6. Our pets are always part of our school days, too, and they add so much joy. I love that you included them in your photos!


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