Thursday, October 2, 2014

First Day ~ October

I am linking up with Nicole @ Journey to Josie again this month. You can join us too, each month. Just snap photos of your activities for the first day of the month and link up with Nicole. Our first day of October was an abnormal one. Here it is.

My little boy's lunch of pb&j (my 6'3", almost 18 year old little boy), made lovingly by his mama.

Had to finish up a review for the Schoolhouse Review Crew

My favorite Bible verse. Today was a day I needed to repeat it to myself over and over.

All ready for my child support trial. Feeling good!

The courthouse where I spent 7 years of my career. I hate that place.

The trial's over. Hallelujah! Things went WELL!! That's my good lookin' dad right there. He turns 65 today!

The torrential rains we endured driving home and on our way to Brynne's volleyball game.

My girl looks like an athlete.

She has really improved her serving this year. She is the bomb!

She really enjoys playing sports with her friends.

Late night dinner after the volleyball game. Kyndal and I hadn't eaten since before lunch.

What a perfect way to end the night. My man Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds.

I looked at this several times during the trial to remind myself that God had this. And he did.

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  1. Wonderful how everything turned out. I have been praying for you - I had one this spring and he ended up being a no-show, so the attorney requested the judgment be entered. Phew! So happy it is over and praying for a wonderful outcome for you as well. Loved the peak into your day!


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