Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekly Wrap-up ~ {Prairie Primer: Little House Week 2}

Last week was an on again / off again week. We had school on Monday and Tuesday, took a day off on Wednesday while I went to court for my child support case (for Kyndal and Dawson), had school on Thursday, and then took off on Friday because Rick was able to come home a day early. We hadn't seen him in almost three weeks and I felt that it would be totally cruel to make the kids do school work instead of spending quality time with their daddy.

We were able to complete all of our regular daily lessons. In math we learned about the area of a trapezoid. In grammar we continued learning about the who-which clause. The kids continued to do their personal reading with Brynne reading One White Dolphin and Eli reading Middle School: Get Me Out of Here!. Our Bible lessons had us learning about Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem.

We did accumulate a couple of school hours over the weekend, as well. The family went to see Dolphin Tale 2 on Friday night. And since we just finished a set of lessons on dolphins, you can bet we counted that as school. On Sunday morning I counted our Sunday school class as schoolwork as our lessons had us actually doing some Biblical math! Then in the afternoon Rick, Eli and Brynne got in some P.E. with volleyball practice and a big game of tag.

Our Prairie Primer lessons had us reading Chapters 7-13 in Little House on the Prairie. We also watched 3 more episodes from Season 1.

We learned about wolves. We started out watching a Youtube video called The Wolves. Then we read all about wolves on National Geographic Kids. We ended our time making a wolf craft. The kids used this template and then colored their own habitat.

We also studied about mosquitoes. We started by reading the book Mosquitoes by Jonathan Kravitz. Then the kids watched a life cycle video on Youtube and an educational video about malaria.

We finished our week learning about the layers of the Sun and doing a neat activity from The Wise Nest.

Also over the weekend Dawson had his senior pictures taken. He had a fantastic photographer who really captured the real Dawson. His photos included his '78 Cadillac, his dog, his girlfriend, Spiderman and video games. Here are some previews we just received. My son is handsome!

The bummer of the day was when we realized, right at the end of the photo shoot, that Dawson had put his Cadi keys and iPhone on top of my car when we were at the first location. Of course we had driven all over town by that time. We went back and found his keys but no phone. He was so upset (rightfully so)! Thankfully some kids who were hanging out at the park had been walking and found it up the street, but it had been run over and the screen shattered. The phone still works and he was able to find someone to replace the screen for about $100. That's certainly better than $400 or so for a new phone. It was a crushing blow at the time, especially after the fun he had getting his photos taken.

This week we will be back on track with a five-day work week. And we are certainly hoping for a little less drama.


  1. That's a full week even after taking 2 days off! I can't wait to see what you do with a full work week! Your son is handsome too!

  2. I LOVE the pictures. So cute!


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