Friday, October 10, 2014

Random 5 on Friday

1. Rick, Brynne and I were up early this morning to attend the elementary school homecoming pep rally. Brynne was invited to join her volleyball team. I am grateful that the school offers to include its homeschooled students in their activities. Brynne and her friend Jenna are always welcomed with open arms, which is awesome.

2. Kyndal is, as I type this, taking her cosmetology theory exam. She is so nervous, but I am sure she will do fine. She takes her practical exam on Monday. After she passes both she will have her full cosmetology license. She has been working with her temporary license the past couple of weeks. UPDATE: She passed her theory! Now she just has to pass her practical on Monday. Half-way there!

3. Also, as I type this, my niece, Rylee, is having an ultrasound. She is 35 weeks pregnant and barely measuring 28 centimeters. This diagnostic ultrasound will determine if she can continue to carry the baby to full term or if they will need to take her early because of failure to thrive. UPDATE: Rylee is 34 weeks 6 days, and the baby measured at 34 weeks 1 day. So far they believe she weighs about 5 lbs. 6 ozs. All of Rylee's fluids are good.

4. I am anxiously awaiting the results of the Judgment in my child support case. The Judgment has been issued but we won't know what it says until it is mailed to my attorney. UPDATE: So far what I have seen on the online docket sheet has been good news!! Waiting for the final judgment. Should have it early next week.

5. It is a cold, rainy day here in Missouri. It looks like the homecoming parade will be cancelled. Even if it's not, I think Brynne is going to opt out of riding with her volleyball team. It's definitely a sweatpants and blanket kind of day. I have beef cooking in the crockpot for some beef and noodles for dinner tonight. Fall is definitely here!


  1. Both my girls measured small and I was told it could be that. I refused I knew everything was alright. They did many ultrasounds all paid for since it was medically necessary. Long story short they are small girls still but I'm tiny (4'11" 95 lbs). They weighed 6 lbs 4 oz (my oldest and first) 5 lbs 4 oz my youngest/last. They were healthy and fine just tiny. Some people just have tiny babies. While it wasn't my case since I was older a lot of times young girls who are having their first baby very young have tiny babies. Will pray everything is alright! Tell her to hang in there, and don't get scared. - Shannon

  2. That is great news all around! Baby is measuring fine, a few days tiny but hey I'd much rather have a tiny baby then one like my sister, my nephew weighed almost 10 lbs!


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