Friday, October 3, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ Celebration Edition

1. We celebrated my dad's 65th birthday last night with dinner at my parents'. We all gathered as a family to celebrate our dad and to spend time together. Things are crazy busy with my whole family right now as my sister just bought her first house, my niece is preparing to have her baby, and my parents are heading to Florida. It was nice just to get together for some food and fun. My dad really seemed to enjoy it.

2. I am personally celebrating the conclusion of my child support case with my ex-husband. It is now in the hands of the judge and I trust that it will all work out in the best interest of Kyndal and Dawson. It's been a long road and our whole family is so glad this is over. We can all move on with our lives now.

3. Last night Eli and Brynne were celebrating their daddy coming home one day early this week by waiting up for him to get home just shy of midnight. I can't say I had the same stamina.

4. I did it! I finished all three seasons of Revenge on Netflix! That is definitely cause to celebrate. I can now get back to cleaning my house. I am all caught up and can start watching season 4 with the rest of the world (just one episode a week instead of 8 or 9 a day). Season three ended with a bang!

5. And the ultimate celebration this week? Kyndal and Collin got their engagements photos taken and the Save-the-Dates are ordered. Here are just a few of our favorite shots. Beautiful!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Jessy! The photographer is amazing and the models were pretty easy to photo, too.

  2. Glad the case has ended! I hope the Judge rules favorably!

  3. glad the case is over, and praying that the ruling brings justice! The engagement photos are gorgeous!!


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