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Random 5 on Friday

1. Dawson and I are at it again. We have started another television show ... Game of Thrones. It is epic. It takes place in Dawson's favorite time period and has lots of history involved, which we both love. Now, it has some pretty intense sexual content and gore so I have to turn my head sometimes. But overall it is fascinating television. We checked out Season 1 from the library and have Season 2 on order. We have been watching an episode every night after the little kids go to bed.

2. As you are reading this I am probably sleeping! Our public schools are out today so Macie's mom does not have to work. I have a shorter and more relaxed school schedule planned for my kiddos so we are sleeping in! I need it with the sinus headache I have had the past several days.

3. With Kyndal's wedding coming up in July, I felt it was necessary to seek some part-time employment to help with the cost. Weddings are expensive. I have been taking care of Macie since school started for a small amount of money. But I have recently added a job as a receptionist at Kyndal's salon two afternoons a week. It's tough. Macie gets to the house a little after 7 in the mornings so I am up early ready to receive her. On my work days the kids and I have to start school super early to get in enough hours before I have to go to work. Many of those evenings we have activities that I have to get us to right after work, so I have to be ultra prepared with changes of clothes ready and sometimes dinner packed for the road. Some days I have dinner ready before I leave for work at 1:00 p.m. Other nights we don't have dinner until late in the evening. Then I come home to take care of the household duties I usually get done during the day. I am tired. But I have to do what I have to do for the time being. And it is kind of fun to spend some time with adults and to see my Kyndal working at her dream job. (I realize single working moms do this every day. Kudos to them.)

4. Last night Dawson and about five of his friends went to the vacant lot across the street and played a massive game of ultimate frisbee. Another of his friends came over and talked to me for about 30 minutes and then he had three guys spend the night, up all night playing video games. I am grateful for a good son with sweet friends. They are good kids and I am happy to have them hanging out at my house.

5. Brynne finishes up her volleyball season next week and then goes straight into basketball the first week of November. The kids both also start their bowling league on Saturday. Brynne bowls just because it's fun. Eli bowls because it is his only sport of choice. He LOVES bowling! He has been counting down the days this week to the start of his season. On Saturday morning their team will receive their plaques for winning 1st place in the state of Missouri for their division at last year's state tournament. Eli will receive an additional plaque for placing 5th in state in singles out of about 100 kids in his division. We thought things were busy before ... watch out!!


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