Monday, December 29, 2014

A Christmas of Peace, Joy and Family

Well I am a little late getting our Christmas post up. That is because we have been spending so much time with family that I just haven't made the time. And family was what it was definitely all about this Christmas.

I typed this big ol' post with a play-by-play of everything we have done over the past several days and it was just a run on of blah, blah, blah. What I really wanted to say through all of it is that this was the best Christmas we have ever experienced. It was simple and stress free and full of family and food and fun. And that's all we needed. We had dinner at my parents' on Christmas Eve and exchanged gifts and then had a relaxing Christmas Day at home with family coming and going as they could. I let everyone know that I would be fixing a big breakfast and a big dinner that were both open to whomever was available. The house was full with guests for breakfast, but it was just a few of us for dinner as everyone had somewhere else they had to be. Rick, Eli, Brynne and I had nowhere to go and nothing to do (man, was that nice!) so we stayed in our pjs all day, played games, cleaned up here and there, did lots of eating and napping. It was a beautiful couple of days.

Then on Saturday evening we had another family gathering with extended family in Kansas City at my second cousin's antique shop and tearoom. Again, just an easy going time with good food and better company.

Sharing our time with family was the best gift we could receive this Christmas. We have a new baby in the family with the addition of Ellie, and Ashtyn is so fun to be around as a two year old. I love my nieces and how cute they are. Eli and Brynne are now the big kids, so our holidays have gotten much easier. Things are just so carefree and perfect.

And then to have my adult children is such a blessing. To see Kyndal and Collin starting their lives together is so fun. And Dawson and Taylar are so cute with each other, really putting a lot of thought and effort into their gifts for each other. It was nice to sit back and watch them enjoy each other and their holiday.

Gifts were plentiful. We all got what we wanted and more. I was particularly spoiled rotten by Rick and the kids this year, and I would think they would all agree that they were spoiled rotten, too. Everyone was happy and at peace. Definitely a Christmas to remember and one to replicate in the years to come.


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