Tuesday, December 2, 2014

First Day ~ December

It's time for another First Day post. December 1st snuck up on me and the kids actually reminded me mid-morning what date it was! We had a great first day back to school after our Thanksgiving break, starting to set our hearts and minds on Christmas.

This is a new favorite warm spot!

Our daily Advent lessons from Thriving Family magazine.

The fun poster that comes with Journey to the Manger

Christmas stories and Halloween candy.

A new book from the Middle School series.

Like her mama ... loves historical fiction.

Lunch break while researching vintage Disney characters.

Sweet Buck waiting patiently for the mailman. Grrrrr ....

Our first dePaola book in our Christmas series.

Joggers and Uggs. My new favorite outfit.

Decorating our Christmas tree ...

... as our activity from The Family Christmas Tree book.

The finished product, minus my garland which I can't find.

Our yearly countdown chain to Eli's birthday and Christmas.

'Yay' for new hair color ...

.... while my stylist takes a phone break.

Kicking off the Christmas season RIGHT!

Relaxing with my new fresh hair color and cut.

Quincy on post sleeping under the glow of the Christmas tree.

Only 23 more days until Christmas!!

Time for a little reading and then bed.

Join Nicole at Journey to Josie for her First Day Linkup. And say a prayer for her and her family today as they are grieving from the very recent loss of her brother.


  1. Beautiful tree. Happy December.

  2. Wonderful 1st of December Pictures Nicole and I totally love your hair! Looking forward to following you!!


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