Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Wheels on the Bike

Do you still need a Christmas gift for the little one in your life? Would you like to support a new author and her endeavor? Then I have the opportunity for you!

My sister-in-law, Shawna O'Neal, has written a children's board book called The Wheels on the Bike. She has joined with Kickstarter to jump start her endeavor and there are only two days left until her campaign is complete. She still needs about $800 in pledges to reach her goal.

Here is the vision behind the book in Shawna's own words:

I feel passionate about living life as locally and sustainably as possible.  I wanted this passion to translate into my book by writing, illustrating and printing it all locally.  I was very discouraged at first to not be able to find a board book company that printed within the United States.  The vast majority of board books are printed in China. I finally found the only company that prints board books, in New York. It is not local by any means but is in the United States and printing responsibly.  
Since I am printing within the United States this is making the book cost extra.  Each book will cost $19.95 + shipping to me, then to you which will equal about $5.  I would like to get this book out to as many families as possible as I am passionate about little ones getting exposure to books early.  To do that I need help to cover the printing and shipping costs. I was able to do a trade with my illustrator friend, Jennifer Mercede, so I do not have that cost in this equation.

This book is cute and adaptable to your child as there are blanks left in the story for you to insert your own child's name. Shawna would appreciate your support, and so would I! Besides, don't you want to help this cute family just because they are cute? Aren't they cute?

You can CLICK HERE to go to Kickstarter to make your pledge and receive your book. Shawna has decided to make up the difference of any pledges to complete her campaign so you will be guaranteed to receive your book(s). I'd like to see her receive the entire amount of the campaign so that she does not have to fund the rest of it herself. Even with full support she will not be making any profit on the sale of her books. She is doing this because she is passionate.

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  1. Not sure if you know about this link or not but thought I'd share it

    Hope your Sister in Law reaches her goal!



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