Thursday, December 18, 2014

The 12 Days of a Simple Christmas (Revisited) ~ Day 5 Salt Dough Ornaments

First of all, be still my heart .... look at how adorable my little Brynney was in 2010. I want to reach into that picture and gobble her up!!!

I had originally planned to make sugar cookie ornaments for the tree. But then I got to thinking about the four puppies and what they would do to a tree full of sugar cookies. Sooooo, I switched my thinking to Salt Dough.

On Monday I whipped up two batches of Salt Dough, got out the tin of Christmas cookie cutters and put my two little elves to work. They made stars, snowflakes, gingerbread men, reindeer, stockings (one for each member of our family), snowmen and other things.

And then they will be painted, starting today.

So far we have made a couple of batches of crystal ornaments and salt dough ornaments. Paper ornaments are next. Today, tomorrow and Friday we are going to spend all day making ornaments. Things are coming along nicely!

** The only picture I have of these ornaments was on our tree and it is so far away you can't even see the ornaments. But believe me, they turned out so good!

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