Saturday, December 20, 2014

The 12 Days of a Simple Christmas (Revisted) ~ Day 7 Lacey Candles

Since making Bayberry candles would be a challenge, I found an alternative so that we can still get in some candle making which was a tradition in Colonial days. These lacey candles are not difficult and turn out beautiful!

(These are candles from the Taste of Home site. Mine are below)

Complete instructions can be found at this Taste of Home site.

Here are a few tips from me.
  • I used small milk cartons I got out of the trash at my son's elementary school. I just rinsed them out, cut the tops off and let them dry completely.
  • I used two, 1-lb. blocks of paraffin wax and pre-made 3 1/2" wicks with tabs (instead of "tapers"). This made eight candles using small milk cartons.
  • To put in the wicks, I hot glued them to the bottom of the milk carton.
  • To melt the wax, I just put the blocks in an oven-safe pan, on a pizza pan, and melt at 225 degrees.
  • I actually filled the milk carton about 3/4 full with crushed ice and then poured wax until the ice was just covered.
  • We also added glitter over the ice before we poured in the wax to give them some shimmer, since we didn't add color to the wax.

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