Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tuesday Coffee Chat ~ Christmas Eve

I came across another weekly linky called Tuesday Coffee Chat hosted by Leslie at Time Out for Mom. I realize it's Thursday afternoon, but this linky involves drinking coffee and answering a themed question every week. So, I'm in.

This week's question is ....

What does Christmas Eve look like in your home?

Our Christmas Eve has changed in the past 5 years. When we lived in Oklahoma we always spent Christmas Eve at our house celebrating with Rick's sister and her family. Our tradition was to eat Mexican food, therefore a little Feliz Navidad celebration even though we are not of Spanish speaking descent. It was just fun! We had the most amazing enchiladas and salsa made by Julie and I provided the tacos and guac. After eating we would watch Christmas Vacation and then the kids would open gifts.

Now that we are in Missouri, they are four hours away so Christmas Eve is not possible with them. We now spend Christmas Eve with my family. If we have Christmas Eve dinner at our house, we still do a Mexican meal. But if we eat at my mom and dad's, we go more traditional. We eat dinner together as a family and then gather to exchange gifts. We still exchange gifts with every member of our family and it's lots of fun.

After we come home we pop in Christmas Vacation. The kids get to open their Christmas Eve pjs and then they all head upstairs to Dawson's room for a sleepover. In years past Rick and I (and last year Kyndal and Collin) have stayed up waaaaayyy too late and wrapped all of our presents for Christmas morning. I do not want to do that this year. I'm going to try my best to get all of our gifts wrapped before Christmas so that after our movie we can play a game as a family, or maybe even get to bed at a decent hour so that we are not totally exhausted on Christmas morning. Really I just want Christmas Eve for us to be easy, relaxing, and stress free.

So I guess Christmas Eve looks a little different at our house every year. But one thing is constant ... we spend time together as a family and it's my favorite evening of the whole year.

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  1. I love the idea of having a non traditional meal actually. As much as do love turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and turnip/apple casserole -- all things we really only have at Thanksgiving and Christmas; it would be kinda cool to have something like Mexican, or Chinese, or even sushi for a change. But yes!! Christmas Vacation is a must every year -- we've actually already watched it: we couldn't wait!! LOL
    I think you have the right idea: certain details can be interchangeable from year to year, as long as the important part of good food and family time is present.
    and presents. :)
    thanks for joining the link up (it stays open until the following Monday because I know a lot of readers have more time to blog on weekends.)


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