Tuesday, June 5, 2012

O is for "Observation"

I've noticed something lately. The kids and I are stopping several times a day to Observe things around us.

 I look out the window and see Brynne observing a squirrel in the garden.

Another day I see Eli sitting on the back porch observing the rain.

We recently observed baby birds growing up and leaving the nest.

And then immediately observed another mama "borrowing" some coco liner to build a new nest and start the process over.

Spending time to observe butterflies this year has been a real treat. There have been thousands, and so many varieties!

Even fallen tree branches have given us something interesting to observe ...

When days are full of activity, I find that we have less and less time to just stop and look around us. Taking some time to just rest at home has certainly opened up the time to observe. And stresses seem to decrease at the same rate we take the time to observe God's beautiful creation.

Tonight we will be observing something spectacular ... the Transit of Venus. You have time to get prepared to view it, too! Go to my post about our activities. You could view it this evening and do the activities tomorrow.

Take some time today and see what you can observe around you. And then join Marcy at Ben and Me for her Blogging Through the Alphabet linky.

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  1. Some of our best homeschool moments have been just observing what is around us! My dd loves anything having to do with nature, so we have a lot of spontaneous learning based on what she finds!


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