Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Keeper's Club ~ Storytelling

Yesterday was our second Keeper's Club meeting of the summer, and our topic was "Storytelling". Our hostess had such a fun and appropriate activity for the girls.  They colored puppet faces of characters from the story "The Little Red Hen".

Once they were colored and cut out, they were taped to craft sticks to be used as puppets.

Then the hostess read the book The Little Red Hen and the girls used their puppets to act out the story.

To earn their Storytelling pin, the girls have to do the following at home:
  • Tell one story from the Bible
  • Tell one parable of Jesus
  • Tell one story about a lesson that God taught you
  • Tell one story which illustrates a character trait such as honesty or truthfulness
In the next couple of weeks, we will be completing the requirements for our "Letters" and "Storytelling" pins. We have lots of work to do. But, the girls are really enjoying this club and the activities.

I highly encourage you to organize a summer small group for your kids, especially if your school-year homeschooling group is large (like ours). Believe me, it's not just a blessing for the kids. It's a double blessing for the moms.

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