Wednesday, June 27, 2012

R is for "Recycling"

I don't know why we started Recycling, except that it was Brynne's idea. She was really excited about it, so I bought three rope-handled tubs to put in our garage for paper, plastic, and aluminum cans.

Our method is to put anything recyclable on our counter by the stove, and then a few times a day we take it out and put it in it's proper tub. Once the tubs are full (or overflowing, as is usually the case), we load them up in the back of the Suburban and take them to our Recycling Center in town. It's near the library, so we usually combine it with one of our many weekly library trips.

There, we distribute the items in their proper places.

It astounds me how much we recycle! This photo shows how much recycling we had in about a two-week time. (The aluminum cans had been being collected in Dawson's Nerd Cave for a few months. He recycles there, too. We don't have this many cans in a couple week period.)

The kids are able to help with distributing the recyclable materials once at the Center. They especially love dropping the cans down the chute.

Before we started recycling, our trash dumpster would be completely full every week. In fact, many weeks I would sneak up an extra bag or two for the trashmen to pick up. But, now we vary rarely have more than two bags of trash per week. And the one or two bags we have are usually not even completely full.

Sometimes I look at our recycling and imagine that amount times every house in our subdivision, then times every house in our city, then times every house in our state, and so on. What a difference we would make in our world if EACH family took the (very little) time to recycle. Really, what a difference.

We could do even more, I am sure. But I am happy with what we are doing. And the kids are very conscious of making sure all items go to recycling that need to. It has also made me more conscious about what I purchase, trying to make sure the packaging would be recyclable.

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  1. every body laughs at me because I was green before it was the in thing to do. I recycle, only use non toxic eco friendly cleaning products, by sustainable and eco friendly products, and organic. It's a lot easier now then ever 5 years ago, or 10 years ago.

    We recycle and we reuse a lot for crafts and stuff, cut and turn the cardboard boxes into canvases, you'd never had to buy art paper or heavy card stock again :) just make your own!

  2. Recyclers here too. We fill a recycling bin a week (there's pickup in our area once a week), and we're down to one garbage bag now, most weeks. I think buying food in bulk helps a lot, because we mostly have big recyclable containers now instead of lots of plastic bags and containers.

    A craft tip: my friend Val told me that you can use the thick plastic from to-go salads etc. to make Shrinky Dinks.

  3. I love it if we can recycle old stuff into something new. Having a man who can do practical stuff is such a god/ goddess send. I can't wait to start using the compost in the greenhouse and veggie beds next year. Thanks WWICS


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