Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Q is for "Quarters"

And I'm not talking about that infamous college party game. I am talking about the one where you stack as many quarters on your elbow as you can, throw your hand forward and down, and try to catch the quarters. We used to play that game with pennies with my dad when I was a kid. I was pretty good at it.

The kids have been practicing catching quarters. It's difficult for children because it requires lots of hand-eye-coordination.

It gets me thinking about all of the children's games of days-gone-by, and how much I think kids are missing out on fun times, because they are usually playing video games indoors.

I am doing my best to encourage the kids to do outside activities whenever possible, including swinging on the swingset, riding their bikes or scooters and playing hopscotch. And I have been trying to bring out some of my favorite childhood games, like catching quarters, hand clap rhymes, and playing "cat in a cradle" with string. My mom was always so good at the string games, and in making paper airplanes. I desire to keep some of those nostalgic activities alive.

This post is part of Marcy's Blogging Through the Alphabet linky at Ben and Me. I didn't get it actually linked up, but I am determined to do ALL 26 letters of the alphabet, so I'm posting it now even though I missed the link

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  1. we have a wii and haven't used it in 2 years so we are getting rid of it. My girls love board games and card games, reading and lots and lots of free play. I'm so glad! :)

    I never heard of the quarters game in college guess it was drinking game??

    lots of eye hand coordination involved in catching one.

    stay cool don't you just hate the heat of this midwest summer. 105 as the actual temp thursday Yuck!


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