Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CHEAP Dry Erase Board on Floor Stand

I am needing a good dry erase board to use in our office for school this year. However, because of the room's configuration, using a wall board won't work well. So I started looking for a nice (not child-like) dry erase board on a stand. Wooowwwwzer! Have you checked the price of those things? The cheapest one at Office Depot was $500!

So I hit the worldwide web to see what my options are.

And a company on Amazon has a 29" x 40" dry erase board with an adjustable stand for $48.88 plus $13.58 shipping. It was regularly $249.99. You know how these deals go ... get 'em while they are hot!

And that's exactly what I have done. There's one major component of our school year taken care of, and for a fraction of the cost.

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