Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tulsa PAC ~ Young at Art 2012-2013 Series Announced (and more)

A great way to plan unit studies is to take advantage of inexpensive opportunities to attend the theatre. The Tulsa Performing Arts Center has a series for children called Young at Art. The tickets for the performances are only $4 per person.

They have announced their series for the 2012-2013 season. And it's a good one!

September 2012 ~ The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

October 2012 ~ The Man Who Planted Trees

January 2013 ~ Rock the Presidents

April 2013 ~ Angelina Ballerina

You can bet that we will be incorporating these performances into full literature-based unit studies! Stay tuned for our plans. I will be posting them closer to each event.

After August 1, 2012, you can contact Carol Willis at 918.596.7105 or email her at to purchase your tickets for the Young at Art series.

On a side note, but related, the Tulsa Performing Arts Center has lots of other performances in different theatres (but they cost a whole lot more). However, if there are good shows, they are worth the price.

The year's lineup includes Mary Poppins in November 2012 and Peter Pan (ballet) with CATHY RIGBY as Peter Pan in March 2013. These are notable and would make great unit studies so I am looking into them for Eli and Brynne, as well.

There are some goodies for Dawson, too! Performances include Jekyll & Hyde (starring Constantine Maroulis from American Idol fame) in January 2013, a forum with Ann Compton (ABC correspondent of the presidents) in February 2013, and West Side Story in April 2013.

Dawson's literature for Fall 2012 can include Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and for Spring 2013 can include West Side Story, and then we can end our studies by watching the plays/musicals.

As Dawson is studying Current Events and U.S. Government this year, with an emphasis on the Presidential Election, hearing Ann Compton would be something cool to do.

What an exciting year ahead in the theatre! Check your local theatres NOW for events that you could turn into unit studies. Then you will have plenty of time to do your planning.

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  1. We LOVE Young at Art! It was a highlight of last year. Count on seeing us there!


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