Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 2 of 180 ~ Key Ingredients

We will be logging another official school day in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to go ahead and share what we will be doing in case anyone in the Tulsa area reads my blog and wants to participate.

The Smithsonian Institute: Museum on Main Street has a traveling exhibit coming to the library in Collinsville called "Key Ingredients: America by Food". "The exhibition addresses farming, table manners, history, markets, and kitchen gadgets in a lively presentation that stimulates comparisons of back then and right now, over there and right here."

The website provides resources "For the Classroom", as well as a Scavenger Hunt to use while viewing the exhibit. I have found that scavenger hunts are an excellent tool for younger children to help hold their attention at an exhibit that might otherwise lose their interest after a short time.

While looking at the teaching resources, I decided to take the opportunity to teach my children about Oklahoma's natural foods and resources and to take them back to Pioneer days in Oklahoma to learn about the foods that children of that day would have eaten.

Of course I went straight to my library website. I checked out the following books:

Children of the Frontier by Sylvia Whitman

The Kitchen by Bobbie Kalman

While on the library website I found an electronic resource called "ABC's of Oklahoma Agriculture". It is a full coloring and activity book about agriculture and foods of Oklahoma! The link took me straight to the download and I printed of a beautiful coloring book for us to use. We will use some of it now and save some of it for our study of Oklahoma that we are planning for next April.

Brynne's Girls Club has been preparing for this event for a couple of months. They have been making aprons and will display them in a fashion show on Sunday, June 24th. We will be on vacation so won't be able to attend, but Brynne and I are currently making a no-sew apron to share with her club. Because of the emphasis on aprons, I also checked out the following book for us to look at:

Aprons of the Mid Twentieth Century: To Serve and Protect by Judy Florence

Recently I received a free eCookbook called "50 Favorite American Recipes by State" (you can get yours for free by going here). I found the Oklahoma recipe in the book, so we will be making it.

It also might be fun to let your kids do a photo scavenger hunt the next time you go to the grocery store to see how many Made in Oklahoma foods and products they can find that have this label:

We will end our study by attending the "Key Ingredients" exhibit and participating in the Scavenger Hunt.

If you are not in our area, you can go to this site to see what other Smithsonian Museum on Main Street traveling exhibits there are this summer throughout the country.

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