Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

With finances and schedules we had not seen Rick since our cruise!

He stayed in Oklahoma a couple of weekends in a row to recoup and to save us a little money in the back-and-forth gas expenses of coming home every weekend. We weren't able to spend his birthday with him (although his mom and sister's family took good care of him) ...

And he and I were not together on our 14 year anniversary, so I toasted him in a text ...

So this weekend we wanted to be sure and celebrate him for his birthday and Father's Day. We had lots of projects to do around the house .... install window air conditioning units in the bedrooms (in the nick of time as the temps jumped way up on Friday), order a new stove, do some yard work, continue with painting the trim on our house, etc. It's always loads of fun around here, even on holiday weekends. I did put together a little survival kit for Rick while he watched the U.S. Open.

Our way of celebrating usually involves meals, so on Friday night we had some brats during air conditioner installation. On Saturday night we enjoyed some goulash while watching the U.S. Open. And on Sunday I made Rick's favorite meal of jalapeƱo chicken enchiladas for dinner that he got to enjoy right after painting trim and helping me with mulch and just before driving the four hours back to Oklahoma.

I can't say we did anything too big to celebrate, but we did spend the entire weekend together which was very nice! We even had the grand dogs! Yadi helped Papa drive.

Brynne did ditch us on Saturday afternoon ... She attended her very first sleepover! She had a great time playing Beanie Boos with her two best friends, Jenna and Marabella. I am so happy that she has found these two sweet girls. Good friends are hard to find, and parents I trust with my children is even harder!

All-in-all it was a nice weekend. Most of all it was just nice having Rick back home.

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  1. I'm glad you got to spend the entire weekend with Rick! It must be so difficult to be apart so often! XOXO


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