Tuesday, June 2, 2015

First Day ~ June

Today I would normally be posting on Tuesday Coffee Chat, but today's topic is about any DIY projects we have done recently. With our extra crazy May, including graduating one child from high school and marrying off another one in not one but two weddings which included a family caribbean vacation, the only thing I am doing myself is laundry. We'll catch back up with Leslie at Time Out for Mom next week (but you can jump over there to see what fun projects are going on in the worlds of other ladies).

Although I was absolutely exhausted yesterday to the point of being sick, I did manage to snap some photos of our First Day of June. We had to jump right in to volleyball camp, errands, and a softball game so there was little rest yesterday. Today I am staying in my pjs doing laundry and watching When Calls the Heart on Netflix. I will probably do much of the same tomorrow.

But yesterday ...

Back from vacation.

It was a drizzly 57 degree day, so bean with bacon soup was needed.

Fun mail!

7 whole days with no electronics, so ....

The necessities for my day ... coffee and Tylenol.

This got filed at the courthouse.

Mrs. Werths and I got some groceries.

And she got her new driver's license. (She had forgotten
half of her required documents so her new, very understanding
husband had to drive them to us.) 

I managed to sneak in a couple episodes of When Calls the Heart.

Trying out the new frisbee purchased in Honduras. Always frisbee around here.

Fun new fruit infusion cup I bought at Aldi.

Our doggies missed us, and we missed them!

Softball night dinner.

Best friends rock!

This dog kept running onto the field and chasing the ball.

One of the dads had to rope him and tie him to a pole.

Brynne had an awesome game! She hit a double, had a play at first for
an out, and then caught a pop fly with a double play at first.

Join Nicole at Journey to Josie for more First Day fun!


  1. This looks like such a fun day!
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

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  3. Looks like you had a great day! It was chilly and rainy here too. We needed to turn the heat on, grrr. I shared a picture of our thermometer in my first day post.


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