Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Coffee Chat

What's on your Summer Fun List?

Our summers don't get too wild and crazy. We spend the first part of it consumed with Brynne's softball games and the last half of it soaking in doing as much of nothing as possible because school is on the horizon.

Thankfully God saw fit to give me two little kiddos who like to stay home. They don't really care if we do much of anything except hit the pool once or twice a week. They like to sleep in, lounge around in their pjs, play with their electronics, and venture off to their rooms to play with their toys. Every once in a blue moon they ask to have a friend over, but not very often. So during the week we don't do a whole lot.

We usually go on some sort of family vacation around the summer months. Last year we went to California for 10 days at the end of the summer. This summer's vacation took us on a cruise at the end of May because Kyndal and Collin were getting married on the beach in Cozumel. We had a great time, but the kids say that they are glad to just be home.

We have no big plans the rest of the summer except to go spend four days at my parents' lake house with our best friends from Oklahoma. We will also likely go to the lake a couple of other Saturdays.

My brother, sister-in-law and niece are coming in from Portland, Oregon, next week for about a week. Collin's 21st birthday is on July 4th, and we always spend that morning at our historic park playing fun old-fashioned games and then going to the lake. We are having Kyndal and Collin's wedding reception on July 11th. I am running a 5K with a friend on July 18th, and Collin and I are running the Wipeout 5K at the end of August. Brynne and I will have birthdays in August, and we always try to do something fun as a family around each kids' birthday. This year Brynne wants to go to Schlitterbahn water park so we will probably do that.

And that's our summer.


  1. My birthday is on July 4th also! However, let's just say ... it won't be my 21st. ;)

  2. We used to go to Schlitterbahn every summer, but the kids are basically grown now, so no more traditional family outings.

  3. Oh some days I wish that my kids were more content to stay at home! I mean, yes - they would stay home if I let them watch TV or play xbox the entire day long. but that just delays all that bundled up energy -- it will eventually explode in some manner. But I love that they are adventurous too. although it is tiring!
    It sounds like you will busy enough without adding anything to the list! The lake house sounds fun!

  4. I'm lucky my kids are like yours and are perfectly content to stay home and relax, with the tween playing on her electronics and the 7yr old drawing, coloring, and playing with his cars. :) I appreciate that, since anything we DO do for the summer is more work for me to get all organized and prepped for. But I love camping, so those plans will be worth the extra effort. ;)

    For not having too much planned this summer, you still have a lot going on! :)

    Have a great weekend - and Happy 4th! :)

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