Friday, June 12, 2015

Random 5

1. I have been in quite a reading slump lately. But my favorite author, Kristin Hannah, has a new book The Nightingale that has me staying up late at night to read again. Historical fiction set in WWII, but different from the usual German attack on the Jews. Very good read!

2. Speaking of reading, we started back to school this week and a lot of our time is spent reading. One of the books we are reading aloud is Escape from Mr. Lemencello's Library. Think Willie Wonka in a magical, fantastical library where there is a contest for the kids to get in and a crazy game for the kids to get out. It's awesome!

3. I looked out the window this morning and a giant tree about a block away had fallen and knocked down the power line. So glad it wasn't on this side of the neighborhood.

4. The temps have climbed up into the 90's this week. Yuck. We have had some sticky nights of sleep because we haven't installed our bedroom air conditioners yet. But thankfully it's not supposed to get over 80 degrees for the next 5 days and it will be back in the 60's at night. As long as the humidity doesn't strangle us, it should be much more pleasant.

5. We have absolutely nothing planned this weekend and there are chances of rain every day. So it's going to be a cleaning house, reading, watching Netflix kind of weekend.

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  1. I just finished The Nightingale a couple of weeks ago. It was a wonderful book. I stayed up late at night too so I could get more reading done.


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