Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge

What's something you're looking forward to in the month of June?

As crazy as the past month has been, I am SO looking forward to the fact that I will not have to spend one night sleeping anywhere other than my own bed, and I will be climbing into my own bed at a very reasonable hour each and every night. This introvert is tired!

In what way have you come full circle?

Problems don't go away just because you will them to. In relationships those unresolved issues always find a way of circling back around.

Lonely Planet lists 10 spots in America you should see in 2015 and the reasons why. How many on the list have you seen? Which one on the list would you most like to see? ~ Queens NY, Western South Dakota, New Orleans, Colorado River Region, North Conway NH, Indianapolis IN, Greenville SC, Oakland CA, Duluth MN, and the Mount Shasta Region CA.

I have been to South Dakota and New Orleans. I have always wanted to visit New England, so North Conway, NH, would get my vote.

A song that describes your mood right now?

It should be "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head". But, instead I decided to flip it around to the positive and chose ...

Just coming off a sunny Caribbean cruise, and coming home to a state where we had 27 days of rain in the month of May (and it's raining today), I realize how much a sunny day brightens mine.

Strawberry ice cream, strawberry short cake, strawberry pie, or strawberries right off the vine ... your favorite? 

Well, my absolutely favorite is fresh strawberries on a bowl of bran cereal with almond/coconut milk. But strawberry short cake takes a close second.

Aesop's birthday is celebrated on June 4th, although there is some disagreement as to whether or not that's accurate, or if he was even a real person. Regardless, the name Aesop is associated to this day with many well known fables. Which of the following best applies to something in your life right now? The Tortoise and the Hare (slow and steady wins the race), The Ant and the Grasshopper (be prepared), The Fox and the Goat (look before you leap), or The Crow and the Pitcher (necessity is the mother of invention)?

I'm going to say The Tortoise and the Hare. Most of the time we just want to get "there". In that quest we either exhaust ourselves or we feel like we have already "made it" so we stop really trying. The race, whatever it is for each person, is one that needs to be done at a deliberate and steady pace, not rushing ahead and not being so arrogant to think that we have already achieved all that we can. The slow and steady pace allows us to enjoy the journey, while at the same time keeping us in a state where we have the time and energy to recognize and make adjustments where they need to be made along the way.

The answer is yes ... what's the question?

Are you sick of eating? That's how I feel. Although I didn't overdo it too terribly on our vacation, I most certainly did eat more of the foods I have pretty much stopped eating at home. I was so sick of food Monday that I didn't hardly eat all day and then felt so yucky because of it. I probably should have come home and done a liquid detox diet for a few days. But instead I just went to the store to make sure I had enough of "my" foods and will concentrate on getting back into my regular eating schedule. Yesterday was a tad better. But even now the thought of food makes me feel blech!

Insert your own random thought here.

I had such a good time this past week watching my kids enjoy their vacation. Of course the little kids enjoyed swimming and room service and unlimited pizza and ice cream. But to see the older kids enjoying their time was extra cool. They just took it all in and totally immersed themselves in all of the experiences. Good times! Great memories!


  1. Glad you had a nice vacation. It is the end of school here-Friday to be exact-and I have eaten way too much food!

  2. Looks like a fun vacation :) Hope you feel better once you're back on your regular routine!

  3. I think a cruise has to be one of my favourite holidays. Glad you enjoyed yours and you soon feel back to normal.


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