Thursday, June 4, 2015

How to Have the Best Wedding Ever

Do you want your child's wedding day to be the most amazing day ever? Then either fly to Cozumel, Mexico, or take a cruise there, and have Lluvia at Cozumel Wedding Planner take care of everything for you.

Wow. I mean, WOW!

We made all arrangements for the wedding via their website and e-mail. It was an a la carte arrangement where we chose and paid for what we wanted for the wedding. This included the location, altar, flowers (very specific and wide variety), cake, champagne toast, number of chairs, etc. We tallied up our requests, received an invoice, paid it, and showed up. It was that easy!!!

In the grand scheme of things, it was very inexpensive. And completely stress-free!!

We took a taxi from the cruise ship to Mr. Sancho's resort. Lluvia was there to greet us and immediately took us to an air conditioned bridal room. We hung out there a bit and Kyndal got into her dress. And we took some photos.

The kids spent some time chasing iguanas.

Then we took the beautiful walk down to the wedding location.

Julie and Milton, Rick's sister and our brother-in-law, were there as guests at the wedding.

Dawson and Eli stood up with Collin. Dawson wore his Go Pro so he could get up-front footage of the nuptials.

Taylar forgot her bridesmaid's dress in the states, so just wore a cute mint jumper she had brought for the cruise. Her and Brynne stood up with Kyndal and spread flower petals. It was perfect.

The music of the waves coming to shore was all that serenaded our beautiful girl as she was escorted onto the beach and down the aisle. Rick gave her hand to Collin and joined me to watch them renew their vows they had exchanged the previous Friday.

The sweet minister was difficult to understand, and at one point Kyndal had to tell Collin what he said. The minister asked them to say some personal vows to each other, which they were not prepared for, but what they said was perfect.

In the middle of the ceremony a local elderly gentleman came walking up the beach in his swimming trunks and approached Dawson. Dawson speaks some Spanish and understood the man to be giving a blessing to the happy couple. Then he just walked away.

After the ceremony we enjoyed the most delicious cake ever and had a champagne toast to the couple.

Then Dawson, Taylar, Eli, and Brynne all ran straight into the sea in their wedding clothes. Kyndal stayed on shore as she still needs to wear her dress at the reception, and Rick told her that brides had been known to drown by being taken under by the current in their dresses. (That would have been a real bummer.)

After the wedding Lluvia told us that we could stay and enjoy the resort, which we did! We changed into our bathing suits, ordered some appetizers and drinks, and soaked in the sun. I was so happy I could cry. It was perfect! We bought aquatic park passes for the little kids (super cheap) and the big kids rented snorkel equipment for the day.

Some of us received all natural pedicures by toothless carp. Seriously, this was the most amazing experience ever. I wish I had a tank of them at home!

When our day was complete we took a taxi back to the cruise ship and then dressed back in our formal attire for dinner. Thankfully the sun and heat had dried the kids' wedding clothes after their swim.

I am very glad that the kids decided to do a legal wedding in the states before family and friends. However, this beach wedding was one of the neatest things I have ever witnessed and experienced. The kids were absolutely thrilled with their day. And so were we.

If you have a child getting married, or you would just like to renew your own wedding vows, I highly recommend Lluvia and her team. I hope to see her again someday when our other kids get married.


  1. Wow! A perfect start to a long future! Congratulations!

  2. Beautiful location and pictures! Looks like you guys had such an awesome time! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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